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In our Order art has always been recognised as a means of preaching. Icon writing has a long and ancient tradition in the history of the Church. Icons are the Gospel in paint. "Just as those who stand next to bright colours are themselves bathed in reflection, so the person who fixes his eyes clearly on the Spirit is in some way transformed by His glory and becomes more radiant." (St Basil) As a means of intercessory prayer one never enters an icon alone – but brings the whole world with oneself- to receive and to surrender, to plead and to give thanks.

Sisters’ creative skills and talents find expression in the production of various arts and crafts which are then sold in the monastery – pottery, needlework, pressed flowers, embroidery, crochet, 'quilling' and handcrafted cards etc. We are blessed that one of our sisters had been an art teacher in a Secondary School before entering the Monastery and she gives lessons to those sisters who are interested, resulting in a number of beautiful paintings.

The Rosary holds a special place in the prayer of Dominicans. A truly Gospel prayer, it has the power to lead us into deep contemplation. As we meditate with Mary on the mysteries of the life, death and Resurrection of her Son the grace of each mystery is being reproduced in us and we grow in love and surrender. While crafting rosary beads, the sisters pray for those who will use these beads, asking Mary to lead us all to a deeper knowledge and love of her Son.
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Telephone: 041 - 983 8524
Charities Registration No.: 20010300
Monastery of St Catherine of Siena
The Twenties,
Co, Louth,
A92 KR84

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