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In our daily schedule we try to create a healthy balance between prayer and work, while always giving priority to the celebration of the liturgy, prayer, lectio divina and study. While depending on God’s Providential care, we try as far as possible to support ourselves – this allows us to share the common lot of most people, especially the poor.
Sisters’ creative skills and talents find expression in the designing of cards and the production of various arts and crafts and religious items which are then sold to provide a source of income.
In a spirit of sisterly communion we all cooperate in caring for our elderly and ill sisters and attending to various household duties.
Caring for our Elderly & Infirm Sisters
Welcoming guests, retreatants
and those who petition our prayer
Monastery of St Catherine of Siena
The Twenties,
Co. Louth,
A92 KR84

Charities Registration No: 20010300
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