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The solemn Celebration of the liturgy is the heart of our whole life and the chief source of its unity. In the liturgy we not only hear the Word of God, but we celebrate it with thanksgiving. For we sing the praise of God in the very words by which He Himself made known His plan of Salvation. (Constitutions)

During our hours of Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament we bring to the Lord the joys and sorrows, the hopes and fears of all our sisters and brothers from near and far.

Our whole way of life aims at preserving the continual remembrance of God. By celebrating the Eucharist and Divine Office, by reading and meditating on Scripture, by prayer, vigils and intercession we strive to have the same mind as Christ. (Constitutions)
After Night Prayer we sing the Salve Regina while going in procession to Our Lady’s shrine as we commend ourselves, as well as the needs and intentions of our Church and our world to her motherly protection.
Monastery of St Catherine of Siena
The Twenties,
Co. Louth,
A92 KR84

Charities Registration No: 20010300
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